Looking For An Innovative Solution To Bed Protection?

Introducing The Luv Mat™ A Sensual Alternative

The Luv Mat A Sensual Alternative To Bed Protection

Save your sheets and use The Luv Mat™, beautifully designed with an absorbent yet waterproof inner layer!

The Original Luv Mat Standard

The Luv Mat™ is available in a generous Standard 3' x 5' size, provides ample coverage for your needs and is machine washable!

Latest News

Say hello to our latest custom designed color of The Luv Mat™, Fluffy Cuddle Purple!  We have a few Standard sizes available, so get yours before they're gone!

Fluffy Cuddle Purple Luv Mat - Available Only Custom Made

We are also working to bring you some new awesome combinations, so check back soon for updates!







  • Silky Zebra Standard Luv Mat